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Men's B3 Bomber Leather Jacket Brown

Mikawim Sheepskin Brown Biker Shearling Jacket is the perfect winter apparel. The jacket has a sophisticated appearance which makes it perfect for every occasion. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this stylish outwear! RR's Sheepskin Brown Biker Shearling Jacket comes in exquisite different colors so you can enjoy a divine and smart appearance. Furthermore, this shearling jacket is manufactured by 100% fine sheepskin shearling. Its unique Shearling trimmed collar with a belt for snug insulation will bring out a distinctive and impressive personality. To introduce simplicity the jacket has open fur cuffs. Jayne's Sheepskin Brown Biker Shearling Jacket has a smooth zipper closure for a modish appearance.

Product Details:
Outer Shell: Made with 100% fine sheepskin shearling.
Designed for the rugged winter.
Inside Lining
Closure Style: Zipper Closure
Collar Style: Shearling trimmed collar with belt for snug insulation
Cuffs Style
Inside Pockets: 1 pocket inside
Outside Pockets: 2 Functional Outside pockets.

Do not Bleach,
Wash Or Tumble.
Dry Store Or Hang.
Folded Expose To Heat Sources & Moisture Store In Plastic & Vinyl Bags.
Expose To Direct Sunlight For Prolonged Durations.
Always Soft dry clean only.
Follow our instructions for DIY cleaning.
Store In a Breathable Cloth Bag Use Padded or Wooden Hangers.
Visit A Leather Specialist for Deep Cleaning.